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Before you begin
In order to build a well-organized, successful gate, BuildaGate provides you with two powerful tools which provides the framework to organize all products and services into categories so that surfers and customers can find what they are looking for easily and efficiently.

The first tool is the categories tree, which determines the specific categories of the products and services you will offer. The second tool is the Data Cards, which link the products to the categories tree. In order to successfully build your gate, you should first determine the subjects of the data cards and the categories they will be linked to.

Let's look at some actual examples.

Hotels gate
If for example, you are building a Hotel Gate, you can build you categories tree based on geographical area where the different levels would be Continent, Country, State, and City. In this case, the subjects of the data cards are - Main Card, which would be the name of the Hotel, and the additional cards would be Rooms, Halls, Facilities, etc.

Toys shop gate
For a Gate which serves as an e-commerce Toy Shop, the categories tree can be based on Ages in the top level, such as Newborn, Infant, Preschool, etc., and the other categories could include specific toys such as books, games, puzzles, etc.

Only two Data Cards may be appropriate for your Toy Shop, the Main Card with the Company Name and another card to link the Products.

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